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Wine Month Club Overview

Wine Month Club is an online platform dedicated to providing a unique and personalized experience for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The website offers a subscription-based service that allows individuals to explore a diverse selection of high-quality wines from around the world, making it a popular choice among wine lovers seeking to expand their palate and discover new, exceptional wines. At Wine Month Club customers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of subscription options tailored to their preferences. These subscriptions typically come in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual plans, allowing customers to receive a curated selection of wines at regular intervals. The club takes pride in its dedication to delivering excellent value and a wide range of wine options, catering to both beginners and seasoned wine aficionados.

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Last updated: Nov 08, 2023

Wine Month Club Coupon & Discount Code

Wine Month Club Coupon & Discount Code

Wine Month Club Coupon Code & Discount:


Wine Month Club a popular online platform specializing in wine subscriptions and wine-related products, often offers coupon codes to its customers as a way to provide discounts, promotions, or special deals.  Wine lovers can use these coupon codes to enhance their shopping experience and make their wine-related purchases more cost-effective. Find the coupon Codes on Wine Month Club's official website or on this page.

Wine Month Club may occasionally offer coupon codes that allow customers to buy one product, such as a subscription or bottle of wine, and get another one free or at a reduced price.




How to use the Wine Month Club Coupon Code?


Choose Your Wine Products: Browse WineMonthClub.com and select the wine subscription or wine-related products you wish to purchase.

Add to Cart: Add the chosen items to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" or "Subscribe" button.

View Your Cart: Once you've added all the desired items to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon or "View Cart" to review your selected products.

Enter the Coupon Code: On the cart page or during the checkout process, you'll typically find a field where you can enter the coupon code. Look for a labeled box that says "Coupon Code" or something similar.

Input the Code: Carefully type or paste the coupon code into the designated field. Ensure the code is entered accurately to avoid errors.

Apply the Code: After entering the coupon code, click the "Apply" or "Submit" button. The discount associated with the code will be applied to your order.

Review the Total: Check your order summary to confirm that the coupon code has successfully reduced the total cost of your purchase. The discounted price should be reflected in the total amount.

Complete Your Purchase: Provide the necessary shipping and payment information to complete your purchase. WineMonthClub.com will guide you through the standard checkout process.

Confirmation: After successfully placing your order, you should receive an order confirmation email. This email will summarize your purchase and confirm the discount applied through the coupon code.

Enjoy Your Savings: Once your order is processed and shipped, you can look forward to enjoying your selected wines or wine-related products at a discounted price.


Why is the Wine Month Club Coupon Code not Working?


Expired Coupon: The coupon code may have passed its expiration date. Check the validity of the coupon and ensure it is still within the active date range.

Incorrect Code Entry: Mistyping the coupon code is a common issue. Ensure that you have entered the code accurately, including any uppercase or lowercase letters and special characters.

Ineligible Items: Some coupon codes may be applicable only to specific products or categories. Check if the items in your cart are eligible for the discount associated with the coupon.

Minimum Purchase Requirement: Certain coupon codes may require a minimum purchase amount to be eligible for the discount. Make sure your order meets the minimum spend criteria.

One-Time Use: Some coupon codes are designed for single use, meaning they can only be used once per customer. If you've used the code before, it may not work again.

Technical Glitches: Technical issues on the website, such as server problems or temporary glitches, can prevent coupon codes from working. In such cases, wait for a while and try again later.


Which products does the Wine Month Club have:


Wine Subscriptions: Wine Month Club's primary offering is its wine subscription service. Customers can choose from different wine club options, including the Classic Series and Vintners Series, to receive curated wine selections regularly.

Individual Wine Bottles: Customers have the option to purchase individual bottles of wine from a wide selection of varietals, regions, and producers.

Wine Gift Memberships: You can gift a wine club subscription to friends, family, or colleagues, allowing them to enjoy a monthly wine delivery.

Wine Accessories: The website offers a range of wine-related accessories, such as corkscrews, wine glasses, decanters, wine chillers, and more.

Gift Baskets: WineMonthClub.com provides wine gift baskets that include wine along with complementary items like gourmet snacks, chocolates, and wine-related gifts.

Wine Collections: Customers can explore curated wine collections featuring a selection of wines around a specific theme, region, or style.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available for purchase, allowing recipients to choose their own wine or wine-related products.

Personalized Wine Labels: The website offers the option to create personalized wine labels, making for a thoughtful and customized gift.


Shipping Policy:


   1. Beer Clubs:

  • Shipments typically arrive during the 3rd or 4th week of the month via a regional carrier.
  • December shipments may vary and could arrive before or after Christmas.
  • Note: In certain regions, the first membership shipment may take an additional 1-2 weeks based on when the order was placed. For estimated delivery times in your area, contact Customer Service at 800-625-8238.
  • Beer clubs are not available for delivery in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Utah, and some specific zip codes in Kentucky.


   2. Wine Clubs:

  • The first wine club shipment is dispatched shortly after ordering, typically arriving within a few days.
  • Subsequent shipments are scheduled for the 3rd or 4th week of each month through a regional carrier.
  • December shipments may arrive before or after Christmas.
  • Wine clubs cannot be delivered to Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, and Utah.


   3. Cigar Clubs:

  • The first cigar club shipment is sent soon after ordering via U.S. Postal Service 1st Class Mail.
  • Subsequent shipments are expected to arrive during the 3rd – 4th week of each scheduled month.
  • Gift Announcements can be emailed or printed at any time.
  • Cigar clubs are not shipped to Utah, but APO addresses are eligible for delivery. International shipping is not available.


   4. Cheese Clubs:

  • The initial cheese club shipment is delivered via FedEx 2nd Day Service shortly after the order is placed.
  • Subsequent shipments are also dispatched around the same time each month. If you wish to modify your monthly ship date, please contact Customer Service.
  • Cheese clubs are not available for delivery in Alaska and Hawaii.


   5. Chocolate Club:

  • The first chocolate club shipment is shipped via FedEx 2nd Day Service soon after placing an order.
  • Subsequent shipments are also dispatched around the same time each month. To adjust your monthly ship date, contact Customer Service.
  • Chocolate clubs do not deliver to Alaska and Hawaii.


   6. Flower Club:

  • Shipments are sent on the 3rd Tuesday of each month via FedEx Next Day service.
  • Depending on when the order is placed, the initial shipment may be sent on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

FAQs about Wine Month Club Coupon Code:


Can I use multiple coupon codes on a single order?
In most cases, wine websites do not allow the stacking of multiple coupon codes on a single order. Usually, you can use one coupon code per order.


Can coupon codes be used internationally?
Coupon codes are typically designed for use in specific regions. WineMonthClub.com coupon codes are primarily for customers in the United States. International use may not be supported.


Can I share my Wine Month Club coupon code with friends or family?
Coupon codes are often intended for personal use and may have restrictions on sharing. Review the specific terms and conditions of the coupon code to determine if sharing is allowed.


Can I use a Wine Month Club coupon code for international shipping or deliveries outside the United States?
Wine Month Club primarily serves customers within the United States, and most coupon codes are designed for domestic use. International shipping or deliveries outside the U.S. may not be supported.


Can I use a Wine Month Club coupon code for a one-time purchase or do they only apply to subscriptions? 
Some coupon codes may be valid for one-time purchases, such as individual bottles of wine or wine-related products, in addition to subscriptions. Review the specific terms and conditions of the code to determine its applicability.


Can I return or exchange a product purchased using a Wine Month Club coupon code?
The return and exchange policies for products purchased using coupon codes may vary. It's important to review Wine Month Club return and exchange policies to understand the conditions for products purchased with discounts.