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KingsBottle Overview

KingsBottle is an online platform that specializes in offering high-quality beverage storage solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. This website is renowned for its premium products, designed to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses looking for top-notch wine coolers, beverage refrigerators, and other related appliances. KingsBottle takes pride in its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of beverage storage. Their range of products is carefully crafted to provide optimal temperature control and preservation, ensuring that your beverages, particularly wine, are stored under ideal conditions to maintain their flavor and quality.

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Last updated: Nov 30, 2023

KingsBottle Coupon & Discount Code

KingsBottle Coupon & Discount Code

Kings Bottle Coupon & Discount code:


Kings Bottle Coupon Code is a promotional feature provided by the online retailer KingsBottle aimed at offering discounts and special deals to their customers. These coupon codes, often referred to as promo codes or discount codes, enable shoppers to enjoy savings on their purchases when shopping on the KingsBottle website. Customers can typically find these coupon codes on the KingsBottle website or on this page.

The most obvious benefit is the opportunity to save money on your purchases. This can be particularly advantageous when buying high-end beverage storage solutions, as offered by Kings Bottle.




How to use King's Bottle Coupon Code?


Select Your Items: Browse the KingsBottle website and add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart. Ensure that your cart meets any specific conditions mentioned in the coupon code's terms (e.g., minimum purchase amount, eligible products).

Proceed to Checkout: Once your shopping cart is ready, click on the "Checkout" or "View Cart" button to start the checkout process.

Enter the Code: Carefully type in or paste the coupon code into the designated field. Be precise to avoid typographical errors.

Apply the Code: After entering the code, click on the "Apply" or "Submit" button to activate the coupon code. The page will typically refresh, and the discount will be reflected in your order total.

Review Your Order: Double-check your order total to ensure that the coupon code has been successfully applied and that the discount has been deducted.

Complete Your Purchase: Once you've reviewed all your details and are satisfied with the discounted total, complete the purchase by confirming your order and making the payment.

Enjoy Your Savings: After successfully using the coupon code, you can now enjoy the savings on your KingsBottle.com purchase.


Why does the Kings Bottle Coupon Code is not working?


Expired Coupon Code: Coupon codes have expiration dates. If you're trying to use a code that has passed its expiration date, it will no longer work. Always check the validity of the coupon code before attempting to use it.

Incorrect Entry: Typographical errors can render a coupon code invalid. Ensure that you've entered the code correctly, including any letters or numbers, and that there are no extra spaces.

Specific Conditions Not Met: Some coupon codes come with specific conditions, such as a minimum purchase amount or restrictions on certain products. If your order doesn't meet these criteria, the code may not work.

One-Time Use: Many coupon codes are designed for single use only. If the code has already been used, it won't work again. Make sure you have a valid, unused coupon code.

Website Issues: Occasionally, technical glitches or issues on the KingsBottle website can prevent coupon codes from being applied. In such cases, you may want to contact customer support for assistance.

Promotion Ended: If a particular promotion or sale has ended, the associated coupon code may no longer be valid. Check if the promotion's timeframe has expired.

Single-Use Per Account: Some coupon codes are limited to one use per customer account. Attempting to use the same code on multiple orders from the same account may not work.


Which products does Kings Bottle have:


   1. Wine Coolers:

  • KingsBottle provides various wine cooler models designed to store and showcase your wine collection. These wine coolers come in different sizes and styles, offering temperature-controlled environments to maintain the quality of your wines.

   2. Beverage Refrigerators:

  • These refrigerators are designed to store a wide range of beverages, including soft drinks, beer, and other refreshments. They are ideal for both residential and commercial use, such as bars and restaurants.

   3. Undercounter Refrigerators:

  • KingsBottle offers under-counter refrigerators that can be seamlessly integrated into kitchen cabinets or bar setups. They are great for saving space while keeping your beverages at the right temperature.

   4. Dual-Zone Refrigerators:

  • Some KingsBottle products feature dual-zone temperature control, allowing you to store different types of beverages in the same unit at their optimal serving temperatures.

   5. Outdoor Refrigerators:

  • These are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions, making them perfect for outdoor kitchens, patios, and entertainment areas.

   6. Cigar Humidors:

  • KingsBottle offers cigar humidors with precise humidity control, ensuring your cigars are stored in the ideal conditions for aging and preservation.

   7. Bar Fridges:

  • These compact refrigerators are perfect for home bars, man caves, or small commercial bars. They keep your drinks at the right temperature for easy access.

   8. Built-In and Freestanding Models:

  • Many of KingsBottle's products come in both built-in and freestanding options, providing flexibility for installation in various settings.

   9. Glass Door and Solid Door Models:

  • You can choose between glass door and solid door designs, depending on your aesthetic preferences and storage needs.

   10. Various Capacities:

  • KingsBottle offers products with different storage capacities to accommodate collections of various sizes, from small wine collections to extensive beverage assortments.

   11. Accessories: 

  • In addition to their main product lines, KingsBottle may also offer accessories such as shelving, replacement parts, and additional storage options to enhance your beverage storage setup.


Shipping Policy:


   1. Free Standard Shipping:

  • All refrigerator orders receive free standard curbside truck or porch package shipping.
  • No additional charges for residential, lift gate, or appointment fees.
  • Appointment windows are scheduled by the delivery carrier, and they will contact you to discuss options.

   2. Processing Time:

  • Typically processed within three business days.
  • Processing time is based on stock availability and regular order volume.
  • Excludes holidays and peak seasons.

   3. Transit Time (Standard Shipping):

  • 2-10 Business Days.
  • Actual transit time depends on your distance from our fulfillment center in Southern California.

   4. Threshold Shipping:

  • Delivered to the first dry opening.
  • Ideal if you only need delivery over your threshold or in your garage.

   5. Processing Time (Threshold Shipping):

  • Usually processed within three business days.
  • Processing time is based on stock availability and regular order volume.
  • Excludes holidays and peak seasons.

   6. Transit Time (Threshold Shipping):

  • Adds 3-10 days to Curbside Shipping, depending on various factors, including:
  • Your distance from the delivering terminal.
  • The carrier's availability in your area.
  • The speed at which they can schedule contact with you.
  • For specific time concerns, please contact us before shipping.

   7. White Glove Shipping:

  • Includes delivery to your room (up to two flights of stairs included, call to discuss additional stairs or unique delivery circumstances).
    Unpacking of the unit.
  • Placement in your desired location.
  • Debris removal.
  • You only need to plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy.

   8. Processing Time (White Glove Shipping):

  • Typically processed within three business days.
  • Processing time is based on stock availability and regular order volume.
  • Excludes holidays and peak seasons.

   9. Transit Time (White Glove Shipping):

  • Adds 3-10 days to Curbside Shipping, depending on factors such as your distance from the delivering terminal, availability in your area, and scheduling speed.
  • For specific time concerns, please contact us before shipping.

   10. Processing Time (Expedited Shipping):

  • Next business day processing.
  • Processing time is based on stock availability and regular order volume.
  • Excludes holidays and peak seasons.

   11. Transit Time (Expedited Shipping):

  • Varies depending on the shipping day and your distance from our Southern California fulfillment center.
  • Contact us to discuss your specific needs for accommodating expedited shipping.


Return Policy:

   1. Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • We aim for your complete satisfaction with your purchase.
  • If you're dissatisfied with your order, you can return it within 30 days for an exchange, refund, or credit.

   2. Return and Exchange Conditions:

  • All returns and exchanges must be in their original condition and include all components.
  • Credit will be issued only if the following criteria are met.

   3. 30-Day Return Period:

  • For a full refund of the item price with no restocking fee, return the item within thirty days from the date you received it.
    Contact us for return instructions.

   4. Special Orders:

  • Personalized, customized, and special orders are not eligible for returns or exchanges unless the product arrived damaged or was customized incorrectly.
  • Inform us within 5 days of receipt if the item is damaged or defective.

   5. Damaged, Defective, or Incorrect Items:

  • Returning a damaged, defective, or incorrect item (including personalized items with incorrect customization) will result in a credit or exchange.
  • Items received in a damaged condition should be refused or properly noted as damaged before signing for them.
  • Shipping costs for all defective or incorrect items will be covered by KingsBottle within 30 days
  • .Handling of damaged shipments is done in collaboration with the carrier on a case-by-case basis.

   6. Returns After 30 Days:

  • If you decide to return your purchase after 30 days, you are responsible for all shipping and handling costs and may incur a 20% restocking fee.
    Damaged items after 30 days are not eligible for return.
  • For warranty information, please refer to the Warranties tab on each product detail page. Contact us if you wish to arrange an exchange for a different KingsBottle item.

   7. Missing Item or Damaged Product Fee:

  • If you return a fully functioning item, and upon examination, it's determined that the purchase is missing items or has been damaged, KingsBottle will charge a fee to cover the expense.
  • A fee will apply for any returned product missing the original box, packaging material, contents, accessories, and/or manuals (i.e., any product not in "like new" condition).


FAQs about kings Bottle Coupon Code:

Can I use more than one coupon code on a single order?
Typically, websites do not allow the stacking of multiple coupon codes on a single purchase. You can usually use only one coupon code per order.


Can I use a coupon code for international orders?
The applicability of coupon codes for international orders may vary. Some coupon codes may be valid for international customers, while others may have restrictions based on geographic location. Always check the terms and conditions associated with the code.


Can I share my KingsBottle.com coupon code with others?
Coupon codes are typically intended for single use by the recipient. Sharing a coupon code with others may not be allowed and could result in the code being invalidated.


What happens if the product I want to purchase is out of stock?
If a product is out of stock when you attempt to apply a coupon code, it may not be possible to use the code until the item is back in stock. Check the product's availability and keep an eye on restocking updates.